Monday, July 24, 2017

A 24th Barrus Celebration

It's an extended Barrus Family gathering!  As some extra Barri are in town, David suggested we gather for a barbecue.  We volunteered to have it at our house, and we met with meat to grill and lots of yummy salads and fruit.  We talked and laughed and cried a bit as we talked about Grandpa George.  He took a turn for the worse on Sunday and will likely die this week.  It is wonderful to see the evidence of his life with Merlynn all gathered in the backyard together.  I love these people.  It was a treat to be together.

At our house were: David and Sharon, plus Amy, Becca, Jonathan, and Micah, as well as Matt and Cindy and their three kids Aubrey, Tyson, and Emma.  Lee, Cammie, and Aaron.  Brent and Brenda, plus Michelle, Ian and Jody.  Katie and Drew and their five kids Ethan, Lizzie, Aiden, Ashton, and Jane.  Kristy is up from California visiting Katie, and she came with her four kids Jake, Emmy, Lucy, and Juliette.

Much silliness!

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