Friday, February 16, 2018

Spelling Homework

Today Blythe showed me an activity she likes to do on Spelling City, a computer program that has games and activities she can do to help her with her weekly spelling.  It's paragraph writing, the goal of which is to use all her spelling words in a paragraph.  I thought what she wrote was so funny I needed to include it, complete with her spelling and punctuation (or lack thereof).  

The words she was to use are: flower, voices, tower, mound, cowboy, gown, front, south, howling, annoy, noises, pound, hound, pouch, thousand, wound, grouch, cough, grown, voyage, cookie, zoom, huge, drought, and downtown.  

Here is her paragraph:
One day i was going out side and i saw a flower whitch i like to call a south voyage. Any way i stooped down and something got in my lunges whitch made me cough like there was a drought downtown. Afterwords for a cupple of minets i souded like a grouch who was warring an ugly gown whale a hound was howling and the noises where anof to geve a huge tower a wound and a frown that would make a cookie apper. whal i was outside a fast car whent zooming bye a pound of cheese pooped up out of a mound then a cowboy said zoom a thousand and pulled out a pouch that hade a grown when it heard voices. i am going to annoy you right
Hooray for fourth grade!

Friday, February 9, 2018

7:00 Silly

Blythe likes to listen to the radio.  At 7:00am on the station she listens to, Jackson, the DJ, tells a silly joke.  For the past week, Blythe has been coming out of her room at 7:01 to share the morning's joke with us.  They are really funny and make us all laugh.  Here are this week's jokes.

What did the buffalo say to his son when he left?

Hey! Do you want to hear a joke about paper?
Never mind; it's tear-able.

Have you heard about the restaurant on the moon?
Great food but no atmosphere.

Why did the cup of coffee file a police report?
He got mugged.

Two fish were in a tank.  One of them turned to the other and said, "Hey! Do you know how to drive this thing?"

How does a penguin build his house?
I-gloos it together.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

A Night Out, Separately

Tonight we all went out.  But separately.  Blythe and I went to the ballet at BYU, and Kent and Brandt to the BYU men's volleyball game with Christopher and Tysen, Guy and Mikayla, and Grandma Sue.  We all had a great time at our respective activities.  It was really nice to have one on one time with the kids.  We should plan those sorts of activities more frequently; it's different than being all together somewhere, and different than me with the kids.  The volleyball team swept their opponent in three games, so there was much cheering and it wasn't a super late night.  Blythe and I saw Carnival of the Animals with lots of exciting costumes, short dances, and fun music.  There were even darling child dancers dressed as turtles.  My favorite dance was The Swan, and Blythe's was The Owl.  She likes owls.  It was a great evening for one and all.

Tysen very kindly took a picture of Kent and Brandt for me.
Kent would never think to take a picture.
I, on the other hand, have several pictures from my date with Blythe.

Before the show.
I'm a sad fish and Blythe is Aslan.
There were neither fish nor lions in the ballet.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Cora Washes Up

Cora and Kal were here this morning, and as always, kept me on my toes.  It wasn't too cold, so we went out making some visiting teaching deliveries.  When we got back, Cora discovered a metal bat in the hall closet, and began carting it around.  Mikayla and I were visiting when she got back; Mikayla sitting in the living room, and me sitting on the stairs with Kal who was going up and trying and come down.  Danger danger!  When it was about time for them to do, we came into the kitchen to gather up stuff and discovered Cora at the kitchen sink, doing some wash.  There was water in the sink left over from my attempt to get the dishes done before they arrived.  She was standing on a tall chair, bat in the sink, stirring or washing or something.  There was water all over the floor, all over the counter, all over her.  Very sweetly Cora said, "Mess.  Wet."


She's so funny.  And so destructive.  And I love her so, so much.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Band Bash

This evening, Brandt had a big band concert.  It was at Timpview and three different bands performed.  Brandt played with the sixth grade band, including all the sixth graders in schools that feed into Timpview (I think).  There were a bunch of them.  The Centennial Middle School eigth grade band performed a number, and then the Timpview band.  For the big finale, they all played together, 400 students.  It was impressive.  The songs were exciting, moved right along, and the concert was over in half an hour.

In preparation for the concert tonight, Brandt played both his numbers for Family Home Evening.  Initially, as he began to play, he was playing just one note and it blarted out and Blythe started to laugh.  He had a hard time getting going because he kept laughing, but when Blythe settled down, he was able to play.  He included all the rest portions when he wasn't playing, but counted so we knew something was still going on.  He was playing different notes, and we were impressed.

Tonight was really great.  It is so fun to see Brandt enjoying his instrument and the whole band experience.  He's participating in honor band which meets on Wednesdays from 4-5:30, and he's getting good instruction (from what he tells us).  It is wonderful to see the children developing talents and learning new things.  We love it!

There was a big crowd of band students!

 Getting ready to play.

Concert finished.
He blew us away!

I, too, would give the performance a thumbs up!


Brandt had his sixth grade maturation program today.  Kent went with him.  Kent reported that Brandt confidently answered questions posed by the presenter.  They were talking about careers and when asked what he wanted to do when he grew up, Brandt said, "I want to work for my dad."  They asked what talents the boys had or what they were good at and Brandt said, "I'm good at putting together Legos."  They discussed how to treat girls and one of the boys volunteered, "Don't hit them."  The presenter said, "It's also probably not a good idea to tackle them on the playground.  If you like them, there's a better way to show them."  Brandt isn't super interested in girls yet, much to our relief.  He showed me a booklet he got, complete with a picture of the male reproductive system.  He was somewhat aghast at the whole thing, looking at it with wide eyes.  "Look at how big it gets," he pointed out to me.  He received a bar of soap and some deodorant, which we sincerely he hope begins using.  Thus far, our pleas for him to start  implementing regular use of deodorant on a daily basis have fallen on deaf ears.  We can get him to take a shower most mornings.  Our lad is growing up.  It's wonderful, wonderful!

Picture of deodorant and soap, but not male reproductive system.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

A Family Reunion

Since our visit with Jamie, Brandt's birth mom, Brandt has been asking his siblings from Jamie.  He's got an older brother and two older sisters, plus a younger brother and sister.  We met the younger children a couple of years ago and need to see them again, but Brandt has never met his older siblings.  Seemed as good a time as any to renew/form those relationships.

We met at an ice cream shop downtown.  They have a large balcony area that can accommodate lots of people, and so we got ice cream then visited.  It was great!  Generally, I think most everybody is fairly reserved except me and Gayle, Brandt's grandma.  But we talked and got to know each other and laughed.  Andrew, Allie, and Katie have not had an easy time of it.  They were adopted by their aunt Cassie six years ago, but before that, they were on and off with Jamie and facing too much responsibility for young people.  Andrew and Allie have both graduated from high school and are working.  Katie is in 10th grade.  Brandt was a bit shy and didn't talk very loudly when someone asked him something, but I think for a first time meeting, it was a success.  Cassie has two other children, a son Jackson who is a year older than Brandt, and a daughter Martie who is six.  Blythe and Martie ran around (literately, as Blythe would say) while the rest of us talked, and when Brandt was finished, he and Jackson ran around with the girls.  I suggested we meet again when it was warmer so we could all run around together. 

Brandt was so pleased to have been able to meet Andrew, Allie, and Katie.  We were too.  It's nice to meet people you love from afar, even if you don't know them well.  We still have a couple other siblings for him and Blythe to meet, and we'll keep working on that.

Allie, Cassie, Gayle, Jackson, Andrew, Katie, Me, Brandt, Kent, Blythe, and Martie
Not pictured is Andrew's girlfriend Irlanda who graciously offered to take the picture.

Big kids and little kids.
Jackson was mad that he is older than Brandt but not as tall.
Brandt even looks taller than Katie.

Don't Go! Part 2

I was over at Mikayla's house today watching her kids while she was at the doctor.  Cora and Kal were having a nap, but Brick and I were playing games and watching Paw Patrol.  When it was time for me to go, Brick didn't want me to leave.  He stood in front of the door with this arms wide and said, "No, Grantie Kate, you have to stay here."  I'm glad that both he and Cora love me.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Field Trip Friday #85--Ice Castle

In the company of Eugene, Sharea, Makenna, Luke, Collin, Guy, and Brick, we went to the Ice Castle in Midway this evening.  Although it has been unseasonably warm this winter, it's been cold enough to make icicles, huge towering icicles.  We went up to stomp around in the ice and snow, and embrace winter.  There were lots of slides this year, big and small, more colored lit structures than we've seen, and the temperature was 30 degrees warmer this year than last.  All in all, a plus.  Both Blythe and Brandt said how much fun they had.  The pictures tell the same story. 

 Looking down from above on a portion of the castle .
It was snowing lightly as we wandered around, giving added ambiance to the whole experience.

  The lights on this ice wall changed colors.

 The kids came down a long cave slide.  
I was standing at the bottom, hoping to get a picture of them as they shot out.
Other people were standing there too.
Their children came out and they got a shot, 
but then they didn't get out of the way so others could take a picture.
One of the women said, talking about me, "I don't think she got her picture."
Nope, you and your group took your sweet time moving. 
But I'm not bitter.
Really, I'm not.
Look at all the other darling pictures I got of my darlings.
I forgive her.
I'll never say another thing about it as long as I live.

Snowflake on the lens, in spite of my best efforts to keep it spot free.

 Blythe and Makenna threw themselves onto the ground.
In the top picture, it looks like Blythe's spirit is leaving her body, 
as if she's died of  hypothermia in the snow.
She didn't.



Ice Window

I took a picture of this woman's ridiculous footwear, 
wondering what she was thinking when she put on these boots.
Who goes clomping around in ice and snow in suede high-heeled boots with fancy tassels?
I tried to take this photo discreetly, but she turned around and looked at me as the camera made a clicking sound.
I had been casual about the picture. 
I didn't have it up to my eye, focusing on her feet.
But I will admit I turned quickly away in shame.
But not so much shame that I'm not posting the picture.
I need to repent.
This was apparently a judgy sort of outing for me.