Wednesday, June 14, 2017

7 Peaks Silliness

I've not been entertaining the children as much this summer as I have in the past.  I've got lots to do--at home, in the yard, with Relief Society--and so I've been leaving the children to their own devices.  That has meant a lot of TV, a lot of eating of stuff they shouldn't, and a lot of mess making in their rooms.  I've made helpful suggestions about what they could be doing besides sitting in front of the TV, but I haven't had a lot of welcome cheer.

Today I decided we would get out and go to 7 Peaks.  It wasn't super hot today, only in the high 70s, so it wasn't very busy.  That meant we could do water slides quickly without waiting in long lines, and there weren't a ton of people in the wave pool or lazy river.  The water in the lazy river was very warm and we went around twice, but the wave pool water was chilly.  The kids didn't make it a full ten minutes of wave action.  I do enjoy being with the kids at 7 Peaks and am glad I only have two children so I can be and do with them.

I also intend on stepping up my game a bit, just because I think we all have a better time when we're active and involved in things off the couch and outside the house.

Post water fun basking.
Blythe specifically asked if we could "bask."

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